About Pace Fuelcare

Pace Fuelcare is a fuel and lubricants supplier based in Southern England.

The company was founded by Victor Gauntlett in the early 1970s. It's been known by a number of different names including Q8 before becoming Pace Fuelcare in 2004. The history of Pace Fuelcare has been characterised by innovation and dedication to its customers.

Retail Dealers

Initially the company focused on supplying retail forecourts. It also came to prominence through motor racing sponsorship.

Supporting our retail dealers is still a big priority and our success can be seen with Pace refuelling sites up and down the country.

Fuel for Homes, Farms and Commerce

Nowadays Pace Fuelcare delivers kerosene, gas oil, diesel and lubricants to agricultural, domestic and businesses across large parts of England.

New Ownership

In 2012, Pace became part of Certas Energy UK Ltd. the largest oil distributor in the UK. Our expertise and commitment hasn't changed though, Pace Fuelcare still offers you the same great service you’ve come to expect.